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Your February Guide to Dating While Sober

At Recovery Care, Dr. Rosen and her team of addiction treatment providers in WV and Western PA want their patients to feel c…


Be Your Best Self: Preparing for a Clean 2021

Dr. Rosen and her team of addiction specialists know there’s no wrong time to begin setting goals, getting help, and taking …


Spooky & Sober: Tips for a Substance-Free Halloween

Dr. Rosen and the team at Recovery Care want our patients to know that they can enjoy Fright Night 2020 while fighting their…


4 Awesome Tips for a Substance-Free Summer

Check out the four awesome suggestions for substance-free fun that can even help your progress during your recovery.


Recovery in Isolation: Staying Sober in Pandemic Times

Our team is here to offer you some suggestions for maintaining your progress during these difficult times. Read the full art…