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Our Philosophy of Treatment

Great care requires great effort. At Recovery Care, our goal is to accomplish your goal of being your best self. Whether you are on the path to recovery, or have hopes of recovering in the future, Recovery Care is here to help!

Because every recovery journey is different, we take an individual approach to each of our patients, accounting for your personal goals and needs. Our universal end goal is simple - to develop a treatment plan with an end in sight and complete your recovery in full. Here’s our policy:

  • Listen to our patients. We want to truly understand you and be a source of support you trust, because we earnestly care about you.
  • Plan a path to recovery using what we’ve learned. Everyone’s path contains its own difficulties, and we are equipped to meet them with a personalized treatment plan.
  • Mend the pain addiction has brought to your life as much as possible, one day at a time. Between health struggles, life obstacles and whatever else comes your way, we are here for you.

Ready to take the next steps toward being your best self? We’re ready, too. Schedule an appointment with us today and get started on your personal treatment plan.

Dr. Heather Rosen