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Primary Care Doctor - Jeannette, PA

Maintaining great health is an integral part of the recovery process. At Recovery Care, we’re happy to serve as your Primary Care physician on your path to recovery and support you well after your treatment plan is finished! 

Primary Care Doctors In Jeannette, PA

We know that successful addiction recovery has to include more than just MAT treatment and counseling. You need a qualified, compassionate primary care physician (PCP) to help manage your overall physical and mental wellbeing. At Recovery Care, we understand the overall health is critical for addiction recovery. That’s why our primary care specialists are trained to support you throughout and long after the recovery process. Our Jeannette office is exclusively providing primary care, as well as HIV and hepatitis testing services to ensure your long-term success and health. 

Jeannette's Top Family Medicine Specialists

Family medicine providers are trained to provide primary care for patients of all ages, which is why they are the ideal choice for patients that need care for all members of their family. Recovery Care is proud to now offer family medicine to all patients throughout Jeannette and the surrounding communities. We understand how important quality, personalized medical care is to you throughout the recovery process, and we’re here to cover every aspect of your healthcare. Whether you’re seeking care for yourself or a loved one, Recovery Care is your best option to maintain your overall health and wellbeing. 

Are you looking for compassionate medicine for your whole family? Request an appointment at our office in Jeannette to get started!

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Please note that Primary Care services and HIV/Hepatitis testing are available only at our office in Jeannette, PA. 

FAQs on Primary Care:

Why is overall health important for addiction recovery?

From the time you begin using drugs to the time you complete detox, your addiction is taking a physical toll on your health. Since mental status is connected to physical wellness, restoring your nutrition and physical ability is essential to curating the mental and emotional fortitude you’ll need to stay clean. The sooner we can begin treating your body, the more successful your recovery will be. 

What physical health problems can arise from addiction?

Different substances can have different long-term effects on your body. Here are some of the most common:

  • Chronic alcohol abuse can cause damage to the liver, heart, brain and pancreas.
  • Opioids and inhalants can cause damage to your nervous system and brain.
  • Injection drug use can leave your circulatory system and skin vulnerable to infection.
  • Methamphetamine use can lead to severe dental problems.

Additionally, the effects of withdrawal such as vomiting, insomnia, cramping and diarrhea can leave your entire body severely weakened. Part of your recovery treatment will be restoring your body’s natural balance as much as possible and monitoring your health to catch these long-term difficulties early.

What Primary Care services will Recovery Care provide?

Our Recovery Care office in Jeannette, PA is proud to offer primary care services to adults, whether as part of your treatment plan or simply to get the care you need. You can look to us for routine physicals, diagnostic work, and all of the services you’d expect from any primary care provider. Our Jeannette office also provides testing and treatment for HIV and Hepatitis.

Can I still receive care if I’m pregnant?

Yes! All three of our Recovery Care offices are proud of our ability to offer services to pregnant women, including Primary Care. We gladly accept referrals from other providers to treat those who need care during pregnancy.