image_blEX3Vg.jpeg (image_yPUz4Gq.webp)The stigma surrounding mental health care has begun to recede, but between the medical community and patients themselves, we as a society still have difficulty acknowledging mental health care as an essential part of a person’s overall wellness. Mental health care isn’t optional -- it’s a necessary part of keeping your entire body healthy, and neglecting it can be detrimental to every part of you.

Dr. Rosen and the team at Recovery Care want our patients to understand the necessity of mental health care for every person, including those who are recovering from an addiction. That’s why we’re proud to provide mental health counseling in WV at our Keyser location. Here’s why it’s vital to have a trusted mental health care provider supporting you:

Physical and Mental Health are Connected

It’s always important to remember that your mental status is intrinsically linked to your physical wellness, and vice versa. If you’re not taking care of your mind, or seeing a mental health professional who helps you do so, your physical health is likely to suffer as well. This is true for anyone, but especially for those who are fighting an addiction. Having a mental healthcare provider who takes an active role in your recovery is essential to keeping your mind and body healthy enough to fight your addiction. 

Answers and Understanding Can Help

Feeling out of control and not understanding why is one of the most harrowing parts of struggling with mental health. Sometimes, we run out of external excuses for our struggles, and all we’re left with are questions about why we can’t just be happy or pull it together on our own. 

Without input from a mental health professional, you may be left completely at a loss as to your own emotions or behavior, potentially leading to dangerous self-medication and a magnification of your existing symptoms. A consultation with a mental health care provider can help you find answers, and sometimes just beginning to understand what’s going on in your brain can give you peace of mind. You may even move forward with a treatment plan with your provider’s continuous support.

Your Daily Life Can Suffer Without It

Untreated mental distress or illness may seem invisible at first, even to the person who is living with it -- and the longer it stays invisible, the easier it is to sweep under the rug and leave unaddressed. Unfortunately, the longer you go without receiving the mental health care you need, the more your struggles can fester, eventually resulting in negative consequences that bleed into various facets of your daily life. When left untreated, mental illness can begin to have an impact on your work, your relationships with the people around you, and your overall ability to function on a day-to-day basis

You Deserve to Be Treated

Maybe the most important reason to receive mental health care is also one of the least frequently discussed: you deserve to feel your best. Sometimes, mental illness can feel like a personal flaw or something you’ve failed to overcome through sheer self-discipline rather than something you’re afflicted with and can’t control. If your mind is sick, it deserves treatment just like any other part of the body, and when help is available, you have every right to seek it out.

Dr. Rosen and the primary care team at Recovery Care are committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive mental health care to patients at our location in Keyser, West Virginia. If you’re looking for the top mental health provider in West Virginia to support you, look no further than Recovery Care.

Ready to get the WV mental health care you need? Schedule an appointment today and take the first step toward being your best self.